Getting Down To Basics with Writing

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A World Building Guide

World building is more than just a guide in building the world of your story. It is basically the essence and foundation of science fiction or fantasy story as well as the basis of sense of place in all other genres. A good world building leads to richness in your writing while giving your readers valuable information that they have to know and understand about your characters and the plot lines. This then raises the question of how the writers must carry on in their world building? Well to learn more about this subject, we will be breaking this idea into 3 main categories which is, imaginary worlds, alternate reality and actual locations.

With imaginary worlds, the construction of the entire fictional universes is primarily found in fantasy genres, in alternate reality, it re-imagine the details of our world, which is more popular to writers whose focus is in science fiction and lastly, actual locations is the invocation of real place of our world that is used in novels without using any fantasy elements.

Creating an imaginary world is one of the most challenging and daunting types of world-building. It is oftentimes used in science fiction and fantasy to which the writer conjures every detail of his/her world from scratch which includes geography, lore, language, history, characters, politics, religion and social customs.

It does makes sense that creating these said elements to build the fictional world can be hard and challenging as well and being able to decide where it should start is sometimes impossible. On the other hand, you may look at some authors like J.R.R Tolkien, J.K. Rowling if ever you need some inspiration and think that it is impossible to make such.

We all know that not all writers are as imaginative, talented and creative as those two above and will be able to create a functional language but at least, this gives them a head start. A good place to start in building your world is pinpointing one aspect of the imaginary world that you are most fond. Work first on this element and then, concentrate on how you would build up the story and world from there.

Once you get the hang of it, starting to work out the details and other information will become easier. One way to get this done is to simply ask few questions that are related to the elements of your world. Think of it like you sharing info on a person who doesn’t know anything about your country or home and you explain it to them in a way they will have vision of it.

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